Fukushima University International Center

The Fukushima University International Center (FUIC) was established in April 2012, for the purpose of organizing and promoting academic exchange and student exchange programs with overseas universities, as well as planning international student education and facilitating international exchange on educational research. This center plans and organized academic exchange agreements and student exchange agreements with overseas institutions, admission and dispatch of exchange students, and short-term exchange student programs. The center also provide support to international students in relation to their academic and living needs, as well as facilitating and enriching their learning environments.

Scholarship and Tuition Waiver

For Foreign students who are studying abroad on their own budget, scholarships are available based on academic results, and personal situations. Also, students of undergraduate faculties and graduate schools who are having difficulty paying tuition may be offered a tuition waiver. The tuition waiver is not offered to research students, auditing students and enrolled subject students. For details, please go to: or inquire with the University.

International Housing / Dormitories

The Fukushima University International House is a residence facility for visiting students and researchers to the university. It is equipped with amenities so that residents can immediately start their university life with just a few extra purchases. The International House gives priority to exchange students who are visiting Fukushima for the first time, and facilitates a quick transition to life in Fukushima. The period of residence is one year in principle.
The International House is 5 stories tall, covers 1,412m2 and has 38 single rooms, 5 couple (husband and wife) rooms, and 2 family rooms, with one room each reserved for researchers. Other amenities include an office, a multi-purpose hall, a Japanese-style room (washitsu), a laundry room and a common room. For more details, go to:

Student Services

■Tutor System: The Fukushima University International Center provides all first-year international students with a tutor, or buddy student who will assist you with adjusting to life in Fukushima as well as your studies.
■Student Counseling: The Student Counseling Office on the second floor of the University Refectory provides professional counselors who are available to assist you. All conversations are protected by strict confidentiality. Please visit any time.
■Student Affairs Division
Advice on all aspects of student life are available here, including social circles and other extra curricular activities, tuition waivers and scholarships, dormitories, and lost and found.
■Career Support Office This is the office that can advise you on your future pathways. There are also career counseling days offered by our Career Counselors. We also have information on part-time jobs available.