Discovering the REAL Fukushima

The Fukushima Ambassadors Program

More than three years have passed since the March 11th disasters, yet its impact continues to affect those living in Fukushima prefecture. The Fukushima Ambassadors Program is an opportunity for students from around the world to see, hear, and reflect objectively upon the challenges faced in Fukushima today. By implementing a community-service based, hands-on approach to learning, the program helped students evaluate any preconceptions they may have had about post-3/11 Fukushima, and become, if they wished, an agent for its recovery.

Program Focus
To provide students with hands-on learning opportunities that focused on the physical, financial, and social consequences of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident disasters.

Overall Aims of the Program
・further each students’ understanding of the impacts that the disaster has had on the lives of people living in Fukushima
・dispel any misconceptions students may have had of Fukushima
・help students identify ways they can become an agent for change in the recovery efforts for Fukushima

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This program has been a wonderful step in changing the perceptions of those that are nowhere near this disaster and its aftermath.

Bridgette Gleaves Program Participant, FAP I 2012

The new facilities in Fukushima offer a massive potential for environmental research. The opportunity to visit is truly a gift, and I hope to reflect on it throughout my future career.

Jessica Gillis, Program Participant, FAP IV 2014