Fukushima University COC (Center of Community) Project

Introducing the "Fukushima Future Studies" Minor

The Fukushima Future Studies is a brand new minor open to all students across all faculties. Its core function is to assist students in acquiring essential skills and knowledge needed to become new builders of the future of post-March 11th Fukushima.

Practical learning of local issues based on field studies and hands-on experience will be provided via a four year curriculum designed as follows:

1st Year - Classroom + practical knowledge
Students will be expected take a selection of core courses, such as Regional Revitilization Studies.

2nd year - Practical learning
Students will begin taking model elective subjects to enrich their understanding of community issues.

3rd and 4th years – Specilialized Education
Students will take practical regional subjects and lab subjects mixed with abundant field work.

This program will be made available for partial participation by short-term international students, and full participation for 4 year students.