Key Features

  • ・Practical training courses in a wide variety of fields
  • ・Field work in local communities that explore various themes in depth.
  • ・Active subjexts that grant credit for student planned fieldwork and research

Since its creation as the Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences in 1987, the faculty has worked hand-in-hand with local communities with the aim of producing the human resources who can contribute to these communities. A feature of this faculty is the wide range of interdisciplinary perspectives of its studies, including law, political studies, public administration and cultural sciences, that transcend existing academic fields. The faculty is well aware of the importance of practical experience, and so has included various curricula that contain exercises, fieldwork and other hands-on learning opportunities. The active subjects that include the student planning class, in which students pick an issue themselves and create a class around it, have received high praise from the National University Corporation Evaluation Committee for the way in which they encourage students to adopt a proactive attitude to learning.