Key Features

  • ・Curriculum that prioritizes statistical data analysis while placing the spotlight on real issues through community interaction
  • ・Global Programs taught entirely in English
  • ・Field work and practicums that allow you to practice your knowledge in real life situations

In the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, our aims are to train students how to meet the needs of modern society with a global perspective, and to arm them with the skills to open up the future. These include the ability to read economic trends, the ability to read corporate trends, and the ability to discover a region's potential. These skills can’t be learned from a manual. They are genuine abilities that are fostered by discovering topics and issues on your own, and developing practical learning within an area. Thus, this faculty emphasizes practicum courses and carefully cultivates basic skills. The range of courses is very varied, and includes practicum with an emphasis on theory, practicum with an emphasis on the field, practicum that go out to company locations, and practicum that conduct study tours abroad. In this practicum we like to form teams, within which students can really grow while fulfilling their own responsibilities and roles.