Regional Collaborations


The Fukushima University Center for Regional Affairs (CERA) was formed in 2001 by restructuring the Regional Research Center launched in 1988, and has since absorbed the functions of the Center for Lifelong Learning and Education(2008). It is currently positioned as the core of the university's efforts to actively contribute to the region.

Main Functions

- Facilitating Collaboration Projects between the University and Community
- Hosting of regional forums
- Consultation on joint research and consigned research
- Open lectures and open classes
- Introduction of the university's researchers

Planning and Administration Department

- Overseeing center operations and formulating annual plans
- PR activities and operation of the website
- Administration and promotion of use of the liaison office
- Formulation of research plans 

Liaison Department

- Matching of business needs and research seeds
- Collaboration with local governments and industries etc.
- Technical consultation, management consultation, academic guidance and training of personnel in the local community  

Lifelong Learning Department

- Implementation of open lectures and open classes, provision of lifelong learning opportunities
- Research on local issues and lifelong learning
- Education and training for local businesses

Information and Document Department

- Viewing and lending of CERA materials
- Organization and storage of valuable documents on the Matsukawa case, etc.
- Publishing activities, etc. related to the CERA project - Formulation of research plans