University Profile


Month Day Event
April 6 Mon Spring Entrance Ceremony
April 6,7,8 Wed-Fri Orientation Week for New Students
April 9 Thu Classes begin
April 29 Wed Holiday (Showa Day) <no classes>
May 4 Mon Holiday (Greenery Day) 
May 5 Tue Holiday (Children's Day)  
May 6 Wed Substitute Holiday <no classes>  
July 20 Mon Holiday (Marine Day) <no classes>
July 29 Wed Classes end for First Term
Jul 30-Aug 7 Thu-Fri Final examinations for First Term
August 8 Sat Summer vacation begins
September 21 Mon Holiday (Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day)
September 22 Tue Holiday (National Holiday)
September 23 Wed Holiday (Autumn Equinox Day)
October 1 Thu  Second semester and classes begin
October 12 Mon Holiday (National Sports Day) <no classes>
November 3 Tue Holiday (Cultural Day) <no classes>
November 23 Mon Holiday (Labor Thanksgiving Day)  <no classes>
December 20 Sun Winter vacation begins
3 Sun Winter vacation ends
January 4 Mon Classes resume
January 11 Mon Holiday (Coming of Age Day) <no classes>
February 3 Wed Classes end for Second Term
February 4-Feb 13 Thu-Sat Final Examinations
February 11 Thu Holiday (National Foundation Day) <no classes>
February 13 Sat Classes end
February 14 Sun Spring vacation begins
March 21 Mon Substitute Holiday <no classes>  
March 25 Fri Graduation Ceremony