Why Fukudai?

Joint Research and Programs with Prospective Employers

No research is ever completed at a desk. Research methods are rigorously examined, discussed and evaluated in class, but the community is where they are put into practice. By exploring the sorts of relationships that exist between people, industry and environment, Fukushima University students learn how to nurture a wealth of personal connections with the local community.

One approach we use involves students in industry-university collaborations. At Fukushima University, students explore a wide variety of themes by participating in joint research projects between the university and private sectors. For example, in one research project concerning peak map analysis in track and field events and neural control of running, researchers modeled athletes' running styles and then sought the optimum training methods for each individual athlete from the viewpoint of neural control. With this project, the students were involved in discussions with technicians working at private companies to ascertain whether it is possible to develop more precise models and measuring devices.

The process of building connections in the local community is not something that can be put into a database. You yourself are in charge of the building process, and you yourself must determine where the connections will lead. The best researchers are also expert builders, and at Fukushima University, we are here to assist you all the way.