Why Fukudai?

Studies that make an Immediate Impact

As the only national University located in Fukushima Prefecture, Fukushima University, for over 50 years, has centered its curriculum on issues faced by actual communities in the prefecture. Unlike the sample problems you might find in a high school textbook, real life issues are seldom straightforward or confined within the ambit of a single discipline. Rather, addressing important issues such as elder care, local product marketing and, in Fukushima’s case, overcoming the stigma conferred by association with a nuclear accident require inter-disciplinary consideration and a close relationship between university and community members.

For this reason, Fukushima University utilizes its small class sizes and high teacher-to-student ratios to enable its programs to incorporate a variety of fieldwork and internship opportunities. Some examples of past projects include establishing student-led corporations in the community, implementing local-production for local-consumption business models and selling local produce with farmers while dispelling negative impressions of radioactive contamination. These projects build bridges between our university resources and the community and provide excellent opportunities for our students to engage in mutually helpful ways with real people in difficult circumstances.

Fukushima University believes the local community is an excellent learning resource. Join us, and witness for yourself the immediate impact of your studies on the lives of others, and their lives on you.